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I’ve been quite Glee-ful lately…

I’ve fallen for it- Glee. I’ve watched all the episodes (half of them on Hulu on one especially unproductive night). I’m following one or possibly more cast members on Twitter… which may be the most depressing sentence I’ve ever typed. And I’ve been alternating between having “Somebody to Love”, “Don’t Stop Believin'”, and “On My Own” stuck in my head for days now. I don’t particularly identify with the show, since I have no musical talent or inclination, have never had a Slushee thrown in my face, and didn’t even go to a traditional high school. Yet, I find myself totally smitten with this crew of 25-year-olds masquerading as teenagers, and their equally adorable teachers. Even the clueless and dorky Will Schuster – well, except when he dances. Don’t dance, Will. And then my favorite character of all-¬†Emma Pillsbury. She’s a smart, quirky little redhead guidance counselor living in a world of blonde cheerleaders, and I adore her. Maybe there’s a little bit of redhead-sisterhood in me, after all. And if the actress portraying her is not a redhead in real life, I don’t ever want to find out. I couldn’t take the betrayal (yes, I’m talking about you, Debra Messing). So after that stupid World Series ends and Glee is back on the air, watch it— after all, how could you not love this face?Glee-glee-6211653-1922-2560

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