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So long, calcium supplements… hello, pint glass.

The BBC recently reported on a study which found that drinking beer makes women’s bones stronger. Do your body a favor, ladies- stop reading right now and head for the fridge.

Ok, now that you’re back with your beer in hand, you should know that there’s actually all this other information about quantity versus benefit. Apparently beer drinking most effectively strengthens bone density when you have something around three beers a week. Which is perfect for me, if Tuesday afternoons are now being called “weeks”. Truthfully, my doctor didn’t seem too pleased at my last visit when I told her my calcium intake was primarily in the form of lattes and cheese plates… probably best not to add beer to that list. Eating vegetables and fruit is a much better idea— time for a Sea Dog Apricot Wheat Beer. I’m pretty sure that’s a whole grain, too.

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