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This should be pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!

seinfeld-reunion-curbOne of the funniest shows on television, Curb Your Enthusiasm, kicks off a plot arc tomorrow night that could possibly be the holy grail of comedy for our generation: a Seinfeld reunion. Larry David, in real life, created Seinfeld, and many of its off-the-wall plots and characters originated as actual events and people in David’s life. Now, David stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm as a version of himself, and this season (supposedly) finds him orchestrating a Seinfeld reunion as a part of an effort to win back his estranged wife Cheryl.

Entertainment Weekly ran an article a few weeks ago previewing this whole shebang, including some more serious notes on the participation of Michael Richards. For those who don’t keep scrapbooks of celebrity meltdowns, Richards basically went bat-shit crazy during a standup act a couple years ago and shouted a lot of racial slurs. He said some terrible things, and alienated a lot of people, but still – it’s Kramer. Schadenfreude aside, nobody wants to see Cosmo Kramer in that light or those circumstances. From the perspective of a fan, the following quote from Richards on the experience of being back in Seinfeld-world is just plain touching: ”It’s like, Larry and Jerry are in the front seat, and Julia and Jason are in the backseat, and I’m back there in the corner and I’m like a big dog. The window’s open, and my head’s hanging out the window and I’m feeling all that good air on my face. And I’m just so happy that we’re all together, going someplace.”

Awww. I’m happy, too.

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