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Do you respect wood?

So the big Seinfeld reunion episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm has come and gone, and it seems like most online reviews have been tepid at best. I, for one, enjoyed the episode thoroughly- even Larry David in his George Castanza sweater vest. Frankly, I think LD (pardon my Loretta) would be annoyed if his reunion stunt pleased everyone; that certainly doesn’t (ever) seem to be his goal. Rather, I think the notion was, “Hey- this could be fun”. And it was indeed obvious to us enviable viewers that the old Seinfeld gang was having a helluva time filming their fake reunion.

There were uneven moments (the whole Mocha Joe arc, for one) but really, this post isn’t about the finale at all. I want to spend a moment celebrating last week’s stellar episode, and J.B. Smoove’s Leon stealing the show by going all Danny Duberstein. His recitation of the symptoms of Groat’s disease (“Everything I ate tasted like peaches!”) was one of my favorite scenes of the season, and was brilliantly capped off by the “oh-no-they-didn’t” recreation of Michael Richards screaming at some Black people. Check out this recent NYT article for some insight from Smoove on working with Richards in light of their, ahem, differences.

And meanwhile, if anyone doubts whether Curb should come back for another season, you’re mistaken. Put aside thoughts of repetitive debates about tipping and how tired we all are of that creepy Skeletor Ted Danson, and watch last week’s episode again- albeit in increasingly short seasons, this series has more to give.

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Waiting to go rogue

I’ve been thinking about reading Sarah Palin’s book, but I’m sure as hell not going to actually buy it. Contributing my hard-earned dollars to her 2012 presidential campaign or daughters’ secret abortion fund?  Don’t think so. I tried to get it from my library at school, but they don’t even have it (really, Portland State?). It’s on interlibrary loan, due to arrive in a few weeks… but after watching this glowing review, it made me rethink how to invest my time.

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My date with Richard Dawkins

I purchased tickets today to Richard Dawkins’s speaking appearance at Wordstock, Portland’s annual book/writing/literary festival (yes, literary festival – yet another reason why I love this town).

I get to see this guy!

If he causes Bill O’Reilly to be this visibly uncomfortable and incoherent, I’m in. And the boyfriend is coming with me, whether he likes it or not (he will).

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Portland, tour guide style

My mom and teenage sister left today after a long weekend visit, and we spent a few jam-packed days sightseeing and catching up. It made me realize that I love hosting out-of-town visitors because there are actually things to DO in and around Portland. Having grown up in Indiana, I really appreciate having options for activities that are other than a) sitting around talking, b) going to a movie, or c) ordering Pizza Hut. Now, Indiana’s not all that bad, but it really is different living in a city you are proud of and enjoy showing off. Two years and a sleeper sofa purchase later, my boyfriend and I are quite proficient at showcasing Portland in two days. I’ve concocted a formula for all of you Portlanders to use when you have your own lovely guests:


One part Scenic Outdoor Oregon, such as the Gorge, Mt. Hood, or the Oregon coast.

Two stops of Local Flavor Shopping (this would be Powell’s, plus a local boutique/vintage/knitting shop, etc., depending on your guest’s interest)

Three good servings of Portland Booze Culture – a brewpub, a happy hour, and yes, a McMenamins (I suggest Edgefield on the way to the Gorge if you’re on a tight schedule). Don’t count the McMenamins as the brewpub, though. We’re trying to impress people here.

One visit of Urban Beauty. I suggest the Rose Garden if your visitor is an older female (mother, aunt, DEFINITELY grandmother). A hike in Forest Park or up to Council Crest is a nice touch if they are fit enough.

One ride on Public Transportation- a trip on the streetcar will be a hit if your visitor is from a small town. Bonus points if they see a homeless person sleeping on the seats.

DSCN4058And you’ve got to show off our Local Food – either a meal prepared at home after a trip to the Farmer’s Market, or a meal out at _________ (insert your favorite Northwest cuisine restaurant here; I’d choose Park Kitchen)

Spread out nicely over two-three days, and you’ll have a great time. If your guest doesn’t leave saying, “I see why you love it here so much!”, then they obviously aren’t worth a return visit.

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