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“I like things in my butt.”

Wow, I inadvertently took a long hiatus between blog posts. It’s always hard to come back, because there’s pressure to say something important. I don’t really have anything important to say, yet, I feel like writing a blog post, so I think I will just share a list of peculiar things that have made an impact on me in the last few months.

I work in a coffeeshop (yes, that iconic green apron evil corporate behemoth coffeeshop you’re automatically thinking of), and I recently discovered that the dog belonging to one of my customers is named Roz. And I asked, “Like from Frasier?” And he said, yes. I don’t know exactly why, but I liked that person an awful lot more from then on.

Speaking of Frasier, I was at an art gallery in the Pearl a while back and one of their prominently displayed pieces was a blueprint of Frasier Crane’s condo. As in, it showed Daphne Moon’s room, and even had the name of the building, which involves “Elliott Bay” somehow yet escapes me at the moment. This, while I thought it very funny to see in an art gallery, is not art. It wasn’t art when I carefully, lovingly, compiled a spiral-notebook scrapbook about the cast of “Friends” during a particularly lonely year of junior high. It’s not art for someone to make a blueprint of a fictional TV character’s fictional condo and hang it in a gallery. Unless they’re already well-known and respected, in which case, it is most definitely art.

Speaking of being well-known and respected, Kelly Oxford is not. I didn’t even know who she was until Guy Branum (also not well-known nor very respected) of “Chelsea Lately” alerted me to her existence via Twitter. So I checked out her Twitter feed, being the social-network-addicted insomniac that I am. There, I found an abundance of such gems as “75% of women who say ‘G-strings are more comfortable than regular underwear’, know that men hear ‘I like things in my butt’.” So, Kelly Oxford is my new favorite person on Twitter. And I mean that to sound more flattering than it does. The best part is, I spent five minutes Googling her and still didn’t find out who she actually is- I think a comedian/mother. Again, that’s meant to sound more flattering than it does. Read it.  You’re welcome.

Speaking of… no, I’m done. Welcome me back.

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Typewriters to Twitter

I stumbled across this article in the Wall Street Journal about the habits and processes of various novelists, and thought it was fascinating. As a child, I always wanted to be a writer (in fact, I specifically wanted to be the next Ann M. Martin) so reading this brought back my old youthful fantasies. I thought it was particularly interesting to read about how different authors mix technology, longhand, and crafts into their writing process. Hope this inspires you to pursue whatever your creative calling is, and to find your own ways of expressing yourself.

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I’ve been quite Glee-ful lately…

I’ve fallen for it- Glee. I’ve watched all the episodes (half of them on Hulu on one especially unproductive night). I’m following one or possibly more cast members on Twitter… which may be the most depressing sentence I’ve ever typed. And I’ve been alternating between having “Somebody to Love”, “Don’t Stop Believin'”, and “On My Own” stuck in my head for days now. I don’t particularly identify with the show, since I have no musical talent or inclination, have never had a Slushee thrown in my face, and didn’t even go to a traditional high school. Yet, I find myself totally smitten with this crew of 25-year-olds masquerading as teenagers, and their equally adorable teachers. Even the clueless and dorky Will Schuster – well, except when he dances. Don’t dance, Will. And then my favorite character of all- Emma Pillsbury. She’s a smart, quirky little redhead guidance counselor living in a world of blonde cheerleaders, and I adore her. Maybe there’s a little bit of redhead-sisterhood in me, after all. And if the actress portraying her is not a redhead in real life, I don’t ever want to find out. I couldn’t take the betrayal (yes, I’m talking about you, Debra Messing). So after that stupid World Series ends and Glee is back on the air, watch it— after all, how could you not love this face?Glee-glee-6211653-1922-2560

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Helping along the evolution of manners

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking forward to seeing acclaimed scientist/atheist/author Richard Dawkins at Portland’s Wordstock literary festival. Yesterday was the big day, and Dawkins drew a sizable crowd- so large that the beginning of his speech had to be delayed thirty minutes while a room partition could be opened to accommodate all the attendees.  Dawkins didn’t disappoint – his lecture was informative, engaging, and really funny. The first portion of his time was devoted to reading excerpts from his new book, The Greatest Show on Earth (which was included in the $22 admission – good deal!), the second half was spent on audience Q & A. Without going into minute detail, he was informative, charming, and I’d definitely see him again if given the opportunity.

On another note, I had a bit of a Larry David moment during the lecture. I was sitting next to an older man who apparently thought it was perfectly appropriate to suck loudly on hard candies in the middle of a quiet roomful of attentive listeners. And by “older”, I’m talking Dorothy, not Sophia- old enough to know better, without that possibly-senile license to allow such behavior. Seriously, this guy was disgusting, with his smacking away and slurping candy juices inside his mouth. Just gross. I had an ethical dilemma on my hands – he was ruining my ability to concentrate, infuriating my boyfriend on my other side, and visibly disturbing other people around us. His companions didn’t seem to mind, for some incomprehensible reason… so I felt as though the social responsibility was mine to shush him. But was that rude? Out of line? In any case, I reached a breaking point. I tapped his arm and said, “I’m sorry- that’s quite distracting. The chewing- it’s very distracting!” He stared at me silently like I’d slapped him in the face, but he stopped.

My reason for sharing this story is to encourage similar behavior. If someone’s parents never had the presence of mind to teach manners to their children, I think it’s appropriate for those of us who do know better to correct those errors, even if it’s sixty years past due. So come on, all of you who have silently endured such an annoying situation – speak up, in the name of manners and consideration. Speak up politely, but speak up nonetheless. While none of us are perfect, sometimes a person clearly needs to be called out on their rude behavior, and we should have the balls to do so!

Dawkins has his soapbox, and now I’ve got mine.


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This should be pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!

seinfeld-reunion-curbOne of the funniest shows on television, Curb Your Enthusiasm, kicks off a plot arc tomorrow night that could possibly be the holy grail of comedy for our generation: a Seinfeld reunion. Larry David, in real life, created Seinfeld, and many of its off-the-wall plots and characters originated as actual events and people in David’s life. Now, David stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm as a version of himself, and this season (supposedly) finds him orchestrating a Seinfeld reunion as a part of an effort to win back his estranged wife Cheryl.

Entertainment Weekly ran an article a few weeks ago previewing this whole shebang, including some more serious notes on the participation of Michael Richards. For those who don’t keep scrapbooks of celebrity meltdowns, Richards basically went bat-shit crazy during a standup act a couple years ago and shouted a lot of racial slurs. He said some terrible things, and alienated a lot of people, but still – it’s Kramer. Schadenfreude aside, nobody wants to see Cosmo Kramer in that light or those circumstances. From the perspective of a fan, the following quote from Richards on the experience of being back in Seinfeld-world is just plain touching: ”It’s like, Larry and Jerry are in the front seat, and Julia and Jason are in the backseat, and I’m back there in the corner and I’m like a big dog. The window’s open, and my head’s hanging out the window and I’m feeling all that good air on my face. And I’m just so happy that we’re all together, going someplace.”

Awww. I’m happy, too.

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Rachael Ray – “So meaty!”

4022mchale_320I love Joel McHale, and I heartily dislike Rachael Ray. Joel McHale fearlessly mocks Ryan Seacrest (and many others) on The Soup, and Rachael Ray uses her TV show to show moms how to cook healthy meals like Beer-Braised Bacon Bacon Cheeseburgers. Watching their recent interview segment on Rachael’s talk show was difficult and mostly unpleasant, but worth it, entirely due to the salacious offer Rachael lets loose right around two minutes into their conversation. I’ll never look at Little Miss EVOO the same way again.

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I vote Megan Fox as Lila Fowler

I discovered today that Diablo Cody has signed on to write a new adaption of the Sweet Valley High books. Holy cow! Second to the Baby-Sitters Club, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield totally ruled my literary world between 1990-1997. I even watched that terrible TV version starring the Doublemint twins. Hopefully, in the hands of Juno‘s screenwriter, the product will be watchable. Check out the Variety article here. Sadly, this is my big, exciting news for the day.

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