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“I like things in my butt.”

Wow, I inadvertently took a long hiatus between blog posts. It’s always hard to come back, because there’s pressure to say something important. I don’t really have anything important to say, yet, I feel like writing a blog post, so I think I will just share a list of peculiar things that have made an impact on me in the last few months.

I work in a coffeeshop (yes, that iconic green apron evil corporate behemoth coffeeshop you’re automatically thinking of), and I recently discovered that the dog belonging to one of my customers is named Roz. And I asked, “Like from Frasier?” And he said, yes. I don’t know exactly why, but I liked that person an awful lot more from then on.

Speaking of Frasier, I was at an art gallery in the Pearl a while back and one of their prominently displayed pieces was a blueprint of Frasier Crane’s condo. As in, it showed Daphne Moon’s room, and even had the name of the building, which involves “Elliott Bay” somehow yet escapes me at the moment. This, while I thought it very funny to see in an art gallery, is not art. It wasn’t art when I carefully, lovingly, compiled a spiral-notebook scrapbook about the cast of “Friends” during a particularly lonely year of junior high. It’s not art for someone to make a blueprint of a fictional TV character’s fictional condo and hang it in a gallery. Unless they’re already well-known and respected, in which case, it is most definitely art.

Speaking of being well-known and respected, Kelly Oxford is not. I didn’t even know who she was until Guy Branum (also not well-known nor very respected) of “Chelsea Lately” alerted me to her existence via Twitter. So I checked out her Twitter feed, being the social-network-addicted insomniac that I am. There, I found an abundance of such gems as “75% of women who say ‘G-strings are more comfortable than regular underwear’, know that men hear ‘I like things in my butt’.” So, Kelly Oxford is my new favorite person on Twitter. And I mean that to sound more flattering than it does. The best part is, I spent five minutes Googling her and still didn’t find out who she actually is- I think a comedian/mother. Again, that’s meant to sound more flattering than it does. Read it.  You’re welcome.

Speaking of… no, I’m done. Welcome me back.

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